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11 Spook-tacular Halloween Pet Costumes

Posted by Veronica Postolski on October 31, 2016

It’s that wonderfully spooky time of year again, Halloween! At ProPet, there is nothing more we love than some adorable pet costumes. Scary, silly, cute? We love them all! Everyone at the office from our CMO to the developers had lots of fun picking out their favourites and we’re very excited to share them with you. Prepare to be scared by these adorable costumes!

1. This blood sucking pooch, fangs and all.



Source: Woman's Day

Our CMO, Erika is absolutely mesmerized by this simple dracula costume. All you need is fangs, a cape, and a very patient pooch to achieve this look. 


2. This ridiculously adorable skele-dog.



Source: Bored Panda

This perfectly painted skeleton pup stole the heart of our content writer, Emma. With just some non-toxic, dog-friendly paint, you can make your dog as spooky as this one.  


3. This roomba riding killer cat-shark.


Source: Giphy

Our creative designer, Hoshimi, believes there's nothing scarier than a shark cat. *Roomba and duckling not included.


4. This cow dog facing an identity crisis.



Source: The Dogist

"Do I bark or moo?" Our customer success manager, Karina, loves this clever but simple costume, perfect for any Dalmatian.


5. The King Himself (Michael Jackson) - In Dog Form.



Source: Pinterest

Our CTO, Hitzel, loves this pup reincarnation of one of his favourite artists of all time, Michael Jackson. He's definitely a thriller.


6. THis wrapped up guinea Pig sushi that looks good enough to eat!



Source: Earth Porm

Our photoshop wizard, Andrew, has a love for sushi and adorable pets, but I don't think you would be able to tell from his choice of pet costume.


7. These super speedy daschunds. 


Source: Giphy

Look out for the fuzz! These little speedsters raced their way right into our videographer, Nick's, first place spot for best pet Halloween costume.


8. This ever so lovely princess pup.



Source: Costume Craze

Our lead developer, John, can't help but admire how pretty this pooch looks in her beautiful princess costume. 


9. This Cat-ship that is ready for takeoff. 


Source: Giphy

This carefully constructed rocket cat blasted right into our content marketer, Veronica's (aka yours truly) heart. Though, he doesn't seem to thrilled about his out of world costume. 


10. This Deliciously cute daschund Hot Dog


Hot Dog.png

Source: BuzzFeed

"Can you pass the ketchup please?" Our developer, Brandon, thinks this is the absolute perfect costume for any Daschund pup!


11. This Master of Illusion



Source: Boing Boing 

Another one of our developers, Christina, loves optical illusions... Which one is the real pup? Can you tell? All we know is that this costume is awesome.  


* Note: Pets should always be supervised while they wear their costumes. Some animals can have a tendency to snack on things they shouldn't, like small add-ons, so please make sure they don't eat anything that can be dangerous or harmful. Always check that costumes and accessories are pet-friendly, non-toxic and comfortable before putting them on your furry friend. Some pets don't like wearing much more than a collar, so if a costume is too tight or uncomfortable, maybe Halloween is not for them.


Do you have a favourite that’s not featured on our list above? Feel free to share it with us in our comments section! We just can't get enough of these adorable pet costumes.


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