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Big Changes at ProPet Software

Posted by Ashley Curran on September 04, 2018

As ProPet grows and continues to evolve, we want to be able to continually provide our clients with high quality customer service. Therefore, as of September 1, 2018, we started to implement data migration, training and set up fees for all new clients. Although we would have loved to have provided you with these services for free, it is something that we needed to implement to maintain a high standard of service and upgrades.


The Breakdown of our Mandatory New Set Up Process:


1. Data Migration

2. Account Set Up

3. User Training



Data Migration


Hit the ground running! Our data migration will help make your transition smooth. Our data migration will save you countless hours manually entering in your pets and clients. Because of the different complexities of other software’s and databases, we have our pricing for data migration at three different levels. If you’re opening a new business and have no current customer or pet information, you will not need this step.


1. ProPet’s Migration Template


This migration is entirely free for new ProPet customers who wish to fill out our migration template with minimal formatting and deletion of duplicate accounts. This migration takes up to one business day to be uploaded into your ProPet account.


2. Standard Migration


This migration works if you’re able to get an export of your customer and pet information from your current software database. Because of the complexity and formatting of these files, some of the information may not be uploaded in the proper format and will require manual work from our team. This migration, due to the reformatting of information, can take up to a couple of business days to be uploaded into your ProPet account.


3. Complex or Database Migration


If you are unable to extract and export your information into a formattable template, we can obtain the data manually from your previous software. Depending on the acquisition of the file and the reformatting of the data, this process can take up to multiple weeks.



Account Set Up


Get the most out of your new software! In order to maintain our high standard of quality service, the Account Set Up is mandatory. These sessions are required to ensure all of your information is uploaded into your account accurately. The reason why we are making these sessions mandatory is because if your rates and discounts are improperly entered, it could lose you hours of your time and cost you hundreds of dollars. We want you to have a great experience with your new software, so our team will help you customize your ProPet account for your unique business needs. The price for your account set up varies depending on the subscription you select.


Included in Your Account Set Up:


• Hours of operation

• Pricing structure

• Facility Setup

• Forms and agreements

• Email templates

• Live Account Set up Session


User Training


It is vital that you and your staff are appropriately trained and have a full understanding of our software to get the best experience and avoid costly errors. In our User Training sessions, we ensure that all of your questions are answered, and you're able to effortlessly use our software. In our new set up process, you have one (1) included training session per module (45 minutes each). Any additional user training sessions that you wish to book will be an additional cost.





For more information about pricing and to see some of our FAQ’s about our new set up fees, check out our website for more details.

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