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The ProPet Photography Blog: Planning Your Photo Shoots According to the Time of Day

Everyone has done it. It’s the middle of the afternoon, you grab your camera and your pet and take them on a nice long photo walk. The sun is high in the sky, it’s a clear cloudless day, maybe you’re out exploring a new trail or at a dog park downtown. It’s a beautiful day so you fire off a few photos of your furry friend and… they’re too dark and too bright all at the same time. Shoot!

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The ProPet Photography Blog: VSCO Presets for Your Pet Photography

Have you ever scrolled through someone’s Instagram page and wondered, “how on earth is their feed so aesthetically consistent?!” Well they’re probably doing something you’re not, using presets.


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The ProPet Photography Blog: Using Snow to Enhance your Pet Photography

So the snow has fallen and you’ve packed up your photography equipment for winter because it’s just way too cold to go outdoors for photos anymore. Right? WRONG!! Every season has its advantages and disadvantages, and winter is no different. On one hand it’s cold and you have fewer daylight hours, but, on the other hand the daylight hours you do have provide unique lighting that can’t be replicated any other time of the year. Winter is bright, and that makes it such an amazing season for pet photography. Those brave enough to weather the elements will be rewarded with some truly special shots.

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The ProPet Photography Blog: Introduction

There’s nothing more enjoyable than taking pictures of your furry friends, but it can be really frustrating when your photos don’t quite turn out the way you expect.

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