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Feature Friday - We Made Scheduling Even Easier

Posted by Ashley Curran on October 26, 2018

We've made improvements to the 'Availability Tab' and just made scheduling even easier! With our newest features you'll be able to directly book from our new and improved 'Availability Tab' in your ProPet account.


Availability Tab 2.0

Our Availability Tab 2.0 will allow you to access and filter new views such as Vertical, Vertical 2 Days, Horizontal, Horizontal 5 Days, Week and Month view - all of which your staff will be assorted by role. You can filter your staff selections by selecting and deselecting your preferred view. You are now able to drag and drop events, modify events and change staff assignments directly from this screen. With our new and improved 'Availability Tab' you can now create custom events for a specific staff member and click on an event to see the full preview of the scheduled event.


Here's a video to summarize the new 'Availability Tab 2.0':



Scheduled Service Bookings from

the Availability Tab

You are now able to create a booking directly from our 'Availability Tab' for grooming, private training and standalone services. It's as easy as clicking the user you wish to book beside the preferred time to schedule the service. Once you have the user and time slot chosen, all that's left to so is look for the pet, select the service and click 'Book'.


Here's a video to summarize the new feature:




This feature is perfect for those busy kennel owners who get phone calls or drop ins for scheduled services. It makes it easier to look for the next available time slot and make the booking directly on the 'Availability Tab' without any additional clicks or workarounds. With this new feature, you'll also be able to make your next grooming or training booking while the customer is checking out more streamlined. 



We love to hear your feedback on our new features and updates. Do you think you'll be taking advantage of this new feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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